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As designers of form, space and experiences, Dots ‘N’ Tots creates branded environments
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There are lots of services offered in Dots ‘N’ Tots like professional, residential and commercial services
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We are offering different kinds of packages such as our primary package, exclusive and luxurious

Dots n Tots – Interior Design Singapore

It’s time for another chapter in your life. Whether it is constructing your first home or commercial space, it is a big deal for you. We also make it a big deal for us. This is why in Dots n Tots, you’ll find nothing but dedicated professionals focused on providing you the best.

The quality of our services is the product of the five things we value most in interior design.

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We help the client realize what they envision

It is important that we help the client visualize how they want their space to look like. You may find it difficult to put what you have in mind in words. That’s why we’re here. You tell us what you want, we help create a clear picture for you. And then we create it for you.

You can provide us with pegs and inspirations or we can present to you great design ideas from our portfolio.

HDB interior design singapore

We figure out the best solution

This isn’t only about the quality of materials or the aesthetics of the overall design. We also make sure to consider your financial budget. Even if you’re tight on your finances, you’ll still end up with a space that you can be proud of.

The thing with interior design in Singapore is you automatically think it’d cost a fortune. That’s not always true. Great designs doesn’t have to be expensive, and that’s what we’re trying to prove.

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HDB interior design singapore

We plan it through

A good design firm knows how to plan all the stages accordingly to avoid mishaps along the way. We firmly believe that the lack in planning leads to disasters. The last thing we want is to waste your time and money.
HDB interior design singapore

We make room for adjustments

Among the crucial parts of the whole process are the adjustments that have to be made along the way. Clients may want to make changes here and there, or they’d want to include something that wasn’t in the original plan, or other circumstances outside their control will arise. We make room for them as much as we can because we understand that these things do happen.

Your passion will resonate in the design

Why do we spend a lot of time thinking about our future homes or our first company space? Why is it important to get the right colors, or to secure the right pieces of furniture, or to have the right ambiance?

Because we want them to reflect our personality, our lives. They make us unique. Putting it out on our spaces give us the avenue to express our individuality.

This is why we make sure that at the end of the day, the design will reflect who you are, your taste and preferences, and the things you value the most. Nothing more. There will come a time when you’d show it to people and they’ll see nothing but you.

Landed design

What are the services you can expect from us?

We offer services for both residential and commercial projects. They include:

  • Space Planning & Furniture Layout
  • Design & Soft Furnishing Consultation
  • Material & Color Proposal
  • 3D Computerized Perspective Drawings
  • Project Coordination & Site Supervision
  • Addition & Alterations
  • Constructions

It doesn’t matter if you have a landed property, condominium, or HDB, we can help you. Same goes if you need assistance on designing or constructing retail or office spaces.

Would recommend DnT for creating a nice kitchen and living space for us. We hacked open the kitchen and dropped the false ceiling (which were just done last year by the previous owner). We did improvements on design as well, ultimately creating a more modern look for a resale flat.

Aizat Aizuddin

Facebook, 16th June 2019

Our new home was renovated by Dots ‘n’ Tots. Mr Liew has been really patient and understanding to our needs. Having the first home of our own, there are a lot of areas which we have not thought it through and Mr Liew was not hesitant to give us his honest advices and recommendations based on his many years of experience in this field of work, making the whole process easy and pleasant.

Alan Neo

Facebook, 6th June 2019

This review goes out to Mr Aaron Tan of Dots n Tots: During our ID search, Aaron stands out from the rest of the IDs we have surveyed simply because 1) he doesn’t oversell his services, 2) his hands-on approach from our first meeting 3) most importantly, he is a genuine and honest listener. Even after the contract signing and initial deposit, his level of service has been consistent throughout, even after months after the reno, he still delivered outstanding service to us by rectifying minor issues that were not detected earlier. He never once made us feel like we were bothersome and was always receptive to feedback and suggestions. I feel that renovation is not solely the job of the ID and the contractors – but should be a teamwork effort with the home owners as well. IDs are not psychic to read minds and know what we homeowners want/ don’t want/ like/ dislike if it was not communicated properly – right? I can only say that the teamwork with Aaron went splendidly well – and the final outcome of the renovation speaks for itself – me and my wife are very satisfied!

Samuel Sng

Facebook, 30th May 2019

We are recommended by friend for our dream home renovation, we would like to give a big thanks and good comment to our ID Aaron Tan. Aaron has been extremely patient for every detail of our dream home renovation discussion. He also really impress us is his great attitude and prompt reply our question and issue. Thanks again Aaron! I will definitely recommend Aaron tan to our friend in future for home renovation.

Jo Luo

Facebook, 28th May 2019

Aaron was recommended by one of my besties, he can gv suggestion and concept to us at the initial stage as we have no experience at all. The renovation was punctual and follow up on minor issues has been done quickly eventhough after hand over. Reasonable price and overall good workmanship.

Tiffany Siowfung

Facebook, 28th May 2019

This was not my first time using Dots ‘n’ Tots but it was my first using a designer, Tyler. truly exceeded my expectations. He is really good at his job! I can’t wait to work with him again in the future when we get our next home.

Evlyn Kwee

Facebook, July 13th, 2018