Affordable, High-quality BTO Renovation Package

Over the years, we’ve learned that affordability, quality, and maximisation of space are among the most valued factors in many home improvement projects. More often than not, a client compromises one over the other because of certain limitations. But what if we tell you this can change?

At Dots N Tots, we can offer you the best BTO Renovation Packages without hurting your wallet. Our focus, as a company that understands the worth of every penny, lies on providing exemplary services that don’t cost a great deal to our clients. How do we do that?

Professional Opinion and Client Choice

Our BTO renovation packages include professional services that are supported by research and expert opinion. But of course, there are personal tastes and preferences that we have to consider. After all, that’s why we’re here: to provide you with a space you can completely call yours.

Therefore, we emphasise on the balance between the two (professional opinion and client choice) and we use it to provide us with the best HDB solutions. That’s why we have steps like consultations, presenting of layouts and proposals, producing 3D computerized perspective drawings, and so many others.

Great Options

3 Bedroom

At Dots n Tots, you will not run out of options. We value one’s unique needs. That’s why, as much as possible, we try to address all points that a client might need. For instance, under our 3-bedroom BTO renovation packages, we have three more options: the premium, standard, and resale.

4 Bedroom

The services and materials included in those packages are made to fit their corresponding budget wisely and effectively so as to provide a high-quality BTO renovation. The same goes with our 4-bedroom packages, where you can enjoy the premium, standard, resale HDB services for $10888, $14888, and $33480, respectively.

5 Bedroom

Now what if you need something much bigger? A 5-bedroom BTO renovation perhaps? We offer packages for them too. Same with the other two we’ve mentioned, the 5-room packages provides you with the usual premium/standard/resale options. You’d expect that the price difference will be huge considering the additional rooms. But we’re proud to say that it’s not the case. You can already enjoy a premium BTO package for 5 rooms for as low as $10888. Pretty great, huh?

How do you choose the best BTO renovation package?

It’s not always that you know exactly what you should get. There are some clients who find it confusing which package to go for. Before you set a consultation with us, you might want to have an idea how to initially choose. Of course, we will be here to guide you if you ever need help, but if you want to have a head start, then let’s dig right in.

Tips for anyone planning to have a home renovation

Seek financial advice to avoid renovation fails

Now, aside from determining the best package for you, setting a strict budget is crucial for the whole renovation process. One of the main reasons why renovations fail is unexpected expenses. When people go over the budget, it hurts the whole project and as worst-case scenario, it all falls apart in the end. What do you have to do to avoid this? It’s easy: seek professional financial advice.

Plan ahead

The more time you have, the less hectic it will be for you. Going beyond your target completion date is avoidable if you’ve planned ahead. This means that you may start planning immediately after you’ve gotten the floor plan. Despite the reputation of the company you’re contracting for the job, rushing your home renovation can still affect the quality in the end.

HDB Premium BTO 3 Rooms Package

HDB Standard BTO 3 Rooms Package

HDB Resale 3 Rooms Package



HDB Premium BTO 4 Rooms Package

$10, 888


HDB Standard BTO 4 Rooms Package

HDB Resale 4 Rooms Package

HDB Premium BTO 5 Rooms Package

HDB Standard BTO 5 Rooms Package

HDB Resale 5 Rooms Package


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