Jane Teo

Choosing and entrusting our home to trustworthy Interior designer often comes with risks. Before we confirm to entrust our home to our ID, Aaron Tan, we have scouted for several interior firms and spoken to many interior designers. What Aaron really stands up is his professionalism, patient, great ideas and also working towards our budget. We already had some ideas in mind on our house concept which is not very common and Aaron has been extremely patient and accommodating towards our ever changing requests, whilst not forgetting to provide us with his professional ideas that is highly valued. As expected with any renovations, there has been minor hiccups along the way but Aaron has never failed to resolve it in a very professional and speedy manner. What also really impress us is his great attitude and promptness to attend our every questions (Day and night), providing us with his valuable advises/ feedbacks.

We would definitely recommend Aaron Tan to our friends in future as it has been a superb and excellent experience with him! So glad that we make the right choice – a BIG thank you for making our dream home a reality for our family, Aaron Tan!! Thumbs up !!!


Facebook, January 28th, 2018