Samuel Sng

This review goes out to Mr Aaron Tan of Dots n Tots:
During our ID search, Aaron stands out from the rest of the IDs we have surveyed simply because 1) he doesn’t oversell his services, 2) his hands-on approach from our first meeting 3) most importantly, he is a genuine and honest listener. Even after the contract signing and initial deposit, his level of service has been consistent throughout, even after months after the reno, he still delivered outstanding service to us by rectifying minor issues that were not detected earlier. He never once made us feel like we were bothersome and was always receptive to feedback and suggestions. I feel that renovation is not solely the job of the ID and the contractors – but should be a teamwork effort with the home owners as well. IDs are not psychic to read minds and know what we homeowners want/ don’t want/ like/ dislike if it was not communicated properly – right? I can only say that the teamwork with Aaron went splendidly well – and the final outcome of the renovation speaks for itself – me and my wife are very satisfied!

Facebook, 30th May 2019